Mahogany Appointed creative partner for Ed Sheeran’s Latest Album

In March, Mahogany was invited to produce the Global Live content suite for Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘Subtract‘ alongside a special event, in the heart of London, where fans were able to get a glimpse of the tracks from the album before release.

We captured Ed’s new tracks in a range of live performances alongside interviews and behind the scenes content, from intimate solo performances to a full 12-piece band featuring string sections and the album’s producer, Aaron Dessner.

We recorded nine tracks in total, including ‘Boat’, ‘Eyes Closed’, and ‘Life Goes On’, as well as a very special Mahogany Session, to spotlight the most intimate demonstration of Ed’s award-winning songwriting.

To compliment the maritime themes of the album, we took Ed and his band to the Historic Dockyard in Chatham, Kent, with a set adorned by boat rigging, ship wheels, and anchors creating an authentic nautical atmosphere. The sessions are unique visual spectacles used to promote the album worldwide, featuring in online content, TV broadcasts, and experiential campaigns.

In addition to the sessions, Mahogany collaborated with Meta to host a special event for Ed Sheeran’s fanbase. The event allowed fans to have an exclusive first listen to songs from ‘Subtract’. The event was designed to further play on the themes of the release and album visuals, with a row of bespoke beach huts, doubling as listening booths, assembled along the Southbank, overlooking the River Thames. Fans were able to enter the beach huts and listen to the tracks off the album, a week before official release.

Ed described ‘Subtract‘ as a ‘visual album’ – Mahogany are proud to have added another level of visual excitement to the musical journey for fans.