Brands seeking to attract the cultural curiosity and spending power of ‘Millennials’ are increasingly turning to Music Festivals and other live shows as a way to connect with their audience.

Research conducted by business.com demonstrates that millennials are avid participants in live events. In fact, a staggering 83% of millennials attended a live event in the past year, with 72% planning to spend more on experiences in the coming year. This presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect with this generation, and festivals are the perfect way to do just that.

Furthermore, the same study conducted by business.com revealed that 69% of millennials believe that attending live events allows them to connect better with friends, their community, and the world at large. This underscores the value of festivals in creating meaningful connections and fostering a sense of community among this generation.

Festivals also provide a unique opportunity for brands to build brand loyalty and affinity. An impressive 78% of millennials would rather spend money on an experience or event than on buying something desirable. By being active at festivals and helping to provide unforgettable experiences, brands can create a positive association with their products or services.



We are proud to announce our return to Zermatt Unplugged for the second consecutive year and are thrilled to be collaborating with several other major festivals throughout the summer. This presents a plethora of opportunities for brands to align with music and become part of the summer’s most talked-about cultural moments.

To get in touch about the opportunities that we have for brands at festivals coming up this year, email joseph@wearemahogany.com.