Over the last weekend of June, LUSH and Mahogany collaborated to present a heartfelt ode to nature, showcasing live sessions in the glorious green enclaves of Somerset.

Against pastoral backdrops of wheat fields and mossy forests, this captivating series spotlights Mahogany and LUSH’s shared passion for music and deep-roots within nature and the environment. Together, we have curated an unforgettable collection of Mahogany Sessions and interviews, featuring five of our favourite artists.

The lineup features rare acoustic performances from Mahalia, Yaya Bey, Barry Can’t Swim ft. Prettygirl, Gabrielle Aplin, and Alfie Hudson Taylor. The performances, set in the woodlands and meadows of Somerset, are all available to view on the Mahogany Sessions YouTube channel.

Exclusive interview content is available on LUSH’s YouTube channel featuring each artist, delving deep into topics such as, their creative processes, their inspiration, or the delicate balance they maintain between their well-being and the challenges of managing healthy relationships with social media and work.

To kick off the series, we had a truly amazing session featuring one of RnB’s most exciting storyteller’s, the ethereal Yaya Bey, with a spine-tingling performance of her track ‘Celie Jr.’, a deep cut off of her first album.


Following Yaya’s session, we had the wonderful Gabriella Aplin, performing her track ‘Skylight’. Check out her interview on the Lush YouTube channel below too.

We also had an incredible exclusive session from Barry Can’t Swim in collaboration with Pretty Girl.

We also had a wonderful reunion with Mahalia, as she returned to play her track ‘Lose Lose’ from her new album.

To conclude the series, we were joined by Alfie Hudson-Taylor, on a windy meadow, where he gave us a stripped back rendition of ‘Let it Begin’.