Mahogany Partners with The Rainforest Trust UK

We’re proud to announce that we have become a Conservation Circle partner of The Rainforest Trust UK

The Rainforest Trust UK is a British charity working in partnership with The Rainforest Trust in the U.S. to protect the world’s most threatened rainforests, and other tropical ecosystems. The Rainforest Trust has already placed more than 40-million acres under permanent protection; protecting endangered species, safeguarding indigenous communities and combatting the effects of climate change.

Protecting our planet’s remaining rainforests is more important than ever. As well as playing a pivotal role in the fight against climate change, rainforests provide habitats for thousands of endangered species and sustain the livelihoods of millions of indigenous people. That’s why we support Rainforest Trust UK’s highly-effective work, protecting the world’s threatened rainforests and other tropical ecosystems.

It’s a critical cause and we’re proud to support it.

To date, The Rainforest Trust have protected over 45M acres of tropical habitat across the globe.

For more than 30 years, The Rainforest Trust have demonstrated that safeguarding critical habitats is the most effective way to protect endangered species.


The Rainforest Trust have helped to save 2,627 critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable species, by protecting the ecosystems they depend on.

Yet there is still a lot of work to be done.

Every three seconds an acre of forest is lost to deforestation.

Over two-thirds of our world’s tropical forests have been lost to rampant deforestation.

To donate to The Rainforest Trust UK, click here.