Nikon x Mahogany Present: 'Movement' featuring Låpsley

Nikon has once again joined forces with Mahogany to continue their journey into the realm of music.

We were invited to join on this first of its kind YouTube limited series titled “The Movement”. This series showcases the remarkable capabilities of Nikon’s cutting-edge Z8 through the lenses of diverse creative teams, making for some very compelling visual storytelling.

“The Movement” follows the artistic endeavours of nine talented creators as they produce a range of content over a nine-day road trip in Spain.
The series delves into the creator’s artistic vision and purpose as image makers, and explores their unique visual styles and creative processes. Mahogany were on-boarded to enhance the series with a captivating blend of musical storytelling and creative exploration of the camera’s video function.
Joining us on this unique project were electronic pop singer Låpsley, alongside director Kezia Quarcoo, and talented Director of Photography Cara Brown. Together, we set out to create a dynamic live music video that would be filmed in the renowned Desierto de Tavernas, Almeria. This location, known for its popularity as a filming spot since the 1950s, including its use in Paella Westerns (Spain’s answer to spaghetti westerns) as well as the iconic series Game of Thrones.
We are super excited to share the resulting film, encapsulating the essence of Låpsley’s music against the breathtaking backdrop of the vast desert landscape. 
Nikon and Mahogany’s collaboration on “The Movement” exemplifies our shared commitment to innovation, creativity, and pushing boundaries via visual storytelling. By seamlessly blending music and visuals, we created an extraordinary video that celebrates the power of true artistic expression.
To learn more about Nikon and Mahogany’s collaboration, and to stay updated on their latest episodes of the series, visit Nikon Europe’s YouTube or follow them on social media.