MAHOGANY x OnePlus Present: INIKO 'ELEMENTS' series

As another stride forwards in our innovative and artistic journey with global technology brand OnePlus, we are proud to present our new visionary series ‘ELEMENTS’, in collaboration with the New York-based recording artist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist INIKO. Our latest project is a testament to the power of technology in elevating self-expression and we are thrilled to be continuing our creative partnership with OnePlus.

Fresh from the success of their hit track “Jericho,” which has garnered over 170 million streams and received widespread attention on TikTok with millions of views and likes, INIKO’s popularity and ambitious drive aligned seamlessly with OnePlus’ goal of pushing the boundaries of mobile technology. A perfect alignment that set the stage for INIKO to unleash the full spectrum of their artistic prowess.

Earlier this year, OnePlus asked us to craft a campaign showcasing their latest smartphone, trusting us with a brief centred around the expansive concept of ‘self-expression.’ This unique opportunity allowed our studio to flourish without creative constraints, providing a platform for innovation.For this project, we aimed to partner OnePlus with a bold and independent artist who embodies disruptive creativity. We sought after an artist in their prime, with a unique and fearless identity, whose mission aligns with ambition, growth, and limitless creativity. This led us to enlisting INIKO for the project, who proved to be the perfect fit. Iniko’s worldwide hit “Jericho” resonates as a symbol of resilience in uncertain times. Their music and image radiate authenticity, and their stance on genderlessness promotes inclusivity and self-acceptance.

I was super intrigued when I was asked to work with OnePlus to create something cool with this phone. I use my phone for everything so I was ready to see just how much I could do. We didn’t use the traditional gear to make this film, so we were able to get a lot done in a little time and if you know anything about being an artist on social media – that’s what you need when shooting content. I thought bringing the device out in the elements was a great way to show people exactly who I am and what I’m connected to. I can’t wait to give this short glimpse into my psyche.” – INIKO

At the heart of OnePlus’ ethos lies a dedication to nurturing their unique community, actively engaging with their extensive user base. Amid a landscape of impersonal technology brands, OnePlus goes against the grain, valuing user feedback and incorporating it into their technological innovations, cultivating a dedicated community of tech enthusiasts. This unconventional approach of being disruptive and forging your own unique path closely mirrors INIKO’s distinct artistic approach.

INIKO’s interpretation of self-expression through the four elements – air, water, earth, and fire – became the foundation of our creative directive. Collaborating with our team, we meticulously orchestrated a captivating short film and performance piece that resonates with these elemental concepts, resulting in a powerful reflection of their unique qualities.

Central to this collaboration was the OnePlus 11, a cutting-edge flagship smartphone equipped with the Third-Generation Hasselblad Camera for mobile. Our Director of Photography, Steve McCord, and Director, Sylvie Weber, embraced the challenge of capturing the series using smartphones. A standout moment was the six-angle parallax shot, achieved through a custom handheld rig mounting multiple OnePlus 11 devices. This shot creates a sensation of physical movement through space while freezing time, marking a pivotal moment in the content, encapsulating INIKO’s vision in an innovative and unprecedented manner.

The ‘ELEMENTS’ film is a fusion of artistic brilliance and technological innovation, cementing the harmonious partnership between OnePlus and INIKO. This collaboration reaffirms our conviction that technology, when channelled creatively, serves as a catalyst for innovation and artistic excellence. It is an honour to have facilitated and spearheaded this project, uniting music, visual storytelling, and cutting-edge technology.