The Youth Hostel Association had the sole aim of reviving interest and raising funds for the charity.

Mahogany Creative stepped in to execute this vision by curating, organising and producing a series of boutique music festivals at the hostels, a decision we believed to be the best way forward.

Mahogany Creative helped them book emerging artists such as Mosa Wild, Leo Stannard, and George Ezra (6 months before he dropped ‘Budapest’), for the series as well as organising the events themselves. The events were held at five different locations across the country, creating renewed attention and enthusiasm for the hostels and YHA.

To capture the energy of the festivals, we recorded performances and created Tour Diary films featuring artists touring the country in a VW Camper Van. These films not only documented the trip but also generated millions of views for YHA, leaving a lasting impact on the campaign’s success.